DotO Update Blog

  • Rats and Stats.

    We’re coming up on the holidays really fast and pretty soon everyone is going to take a well deserved week or two off. But, before that we already have planned another small update to our Prototype. DotO Prototype 5 has quite a few things added to it, but there’s three main things that really have […]

  • Alpha, Beta, and Whatever?

    We were recently asked when we would be in “Alpha” or “Beta”. The short answer is: it’s still too early to tell. Those terms are thrown around a lot with games and they’re really pretty arbitrary. Some games are basically done when they launch their Beta. Some games are really janky when in Beta. The […]

  • The Puke Rat!

    Hello Dungeon Dwellers! It is again I, Animancer of Movement & Life Nyka! Here with an update and preview of our game’s second mob; the Puke Rat! The Puke Rat is a sewer dwelling mob which finds itself reanimated by the arcane energy seeping down through the earth from under the Obelisk. Of course as […]

  • Working Hard!

    Hi everyone, I hope you all had a great holiday. Today’s DotO Blog Update is a bit of a non-update. We are all currently working hard, but we’re kind of in between things that I can show you. Last week we saw the big Turn Meter update and I’m still super hyped about it. Now, […]

  • Our New Turn Meter

    It’s Saturday evening and for this DotO Update Blog I want to tell you all about our new Turn Meter! Since our game is turn-based it is super important to know when your turn is coming up and when the enemies are going to be attacking you. We originally had little bars under everyone that […]

  • UI Design!

    We’re hammering away at a lot of stuff here at Knob Cat. Kel is hard at work on Prototype 4. Nyka is animating the disgusting Puke Rat. And Ben has been hard at work on our UI. That’s the User Interface for the combat in our game. It’s the HP and Mana meters that show […]

  • Glubdate!

    This Saturday I’m taking it easy and passing on the blog duties to our resident Animancer, Nyka! Enjoy all the slimy movement! -Joe Hello Obelisk fans! Over in the animation department, I’ve been working hard on bringing our first mob, the Glub, to life & thought I would share the spoils of some of my […]

  • Rats!

    Ben has done it again! Haha, happy Saturday everyone. Today we have a small, but really cool update. It’s gross and it comes to you in the form of the Puke Rat! These tiny undead abominations have begun to swarm in the dungeons beneath the Obelisk. They’re not hard stop by themselves, but there’s just […]

  • Farming all the Loot

    It’s Saturday and it’s time to update the DotO Update Blog! Last week, I talked about a small delay that we had. Now we have Prototype 3 and I’ve been playing it nonstop. I feel like it’s a really good sign that I’m enjoying it so much. We only have one dungeon and the single […]

  • All the Systems

    Games are very complicated, it turns out! I knew it going in, but sometimes you can know something but still not fully comprehend it till it actually happens. Don’t worry, we’re still making great progress. In fact, Kel is nearing completion of Prototype 3. This one is going to have the first implementation of all […]