Swords and Holidays

Today is December 25th, commonly referred to as “Christmas”. But I decided I better not take the day off from the blog. Gotta keep up the good habits, you know.

With it being a holiday, it makes me think of lots of ideas for ways to celebrate in game, eventually. I’m hoping events can eventually be a big part of DotO. But that’s definitely getting ahead of myself.

I’ve been testing Prototype 5 daily for the past week and a half. It’s fun to pretend the game is further along and has the daily tasks and bounties. I really look forward to logging in and seeing other players too. All in good time though.

You can expect the Prototype 5 video update next weekend. I’m excited to record that. I can’t wait till the game is live and the update videos are of things that get pushed out for everyone to play. I still hope they’re enjoyable.

I have to keep reminding myself how much we still have to do. My wife played the Prototype for the first time and it really helped me see a lot of areas that still need improvement. For example, my “Tutorial Sword” idea just didn’t cut it. The sword is too good and you can’t replace it for several levels. But you really want to equip new things you find. But if you replace the Tutorial Sword, you’re character becomes powerless against the Glubs. So that’s how I learned it’s probably going to be better to start the game with junk than with a legendary sword.

I’ve been going back to the drawing board on a lot of things, the game is continually growing and evolving. But, I’ll save those for another update.

Anyway, I really hope everyone has a great holiday and stays safe! I’ll talk to you again next Saturday! ( Also known as New Year’s Day. )

Executive Prime