Meet the Team behind knob cat games

Knob Cat Games is a small group of artists that decided they needed to make a 2D, Turn-Based, Dungeon Crawling, Loot Grinding Adventure! We are hard at work and hope to bring you along for every step of the journey.


Animancer, Giver of Movement

If you see something moving, it’s because Nyka animated it. She is known for her comic series, F*ck$lut, and is the creative mind behind the multimedia force, NykTV.


Digital Alchemist

Tj is transforming the DotO codebase into the legendary golden version we’re all waiting for. When he’s not pouring over his laboratory PC, he enjoys hiking, camping, and the great outdoors.


Sage of the Obelisk

Social media and marketing strategy is not for the faint of heart! When they’re not busy rearranging content or studying hashtags you can find them collecting crystals and trying to understand what the heck their birth chart actually means.