The Devs

Meet the people behind Knob Cat Games.


Executive Prime

Known as Clone 334 for his extensive electronic music catalog and as StarRambler for years of streaming grindy games on Twitch. Joe is the creator of Knob Cat Games and handles all the game design and annoying business stuff.


Art Lord

Ben makes all of the art at Knob Cat Games. And, like, it’s a lot of art. He is known for his Creature Comic series where strange animals give insightful commentary. Ben has been carving out a niche for himself in the TTRPG world and we’re now happy to have him filling the Dungeons for Knob Cat.


Animancer, Giver of Movement

If you see something moving, it’s because Nyka animated it. She is known for her comic series, F*ck$lut, and is the creative mind behind the multimedia force, NykTV.


Digital Alchemist

Tj is transforming the DotO codebase into the legendary golden version we’re all waiting for. When he’s not pouring over his laboratory PC, he enjoys hiking, camping, and the great outdoors.


Universe Architect

Josh is building the servers and backend infrastructure with his global level programming magic. His hobbies include gaming, watching anime, reading fantasy novels and manga, and exploring the outdoors with his family.


Sage of the Obelisk