UI Design!

We’re hammering away at a lot of stuff here at Knob Cat. Kel is hard at work on Prototype 4. Nyka is animating the disgusting Puke Rat.

And Ben has been hard at work on our UI. That’s the User Interface for the combat in our game. It’s the HP and Mana meters that show at the bottom of the screen during combat.

There will be a lot more UI stuff to do in the future as the game continues to grow. But for now, we are all super excited for how this is turning out. I just want to click the AUTO button so bad!

Encapsulating the horrors of the Obelisk.

Since this is one of the big elements of the UI it is really going to help direct the rest of the look for our game.

A demo of how it will look in game.

Other aspects of this UI are the Movement Speed knob, which lets you roll back your animation speeds so you can see what is happening in combat. There’s also a potion button that will let you heal in and out of battle. I’m super excited to have this in the prototype and be able to click that button!

Hopefully, the next video preview will be soon!

Executive Prime