The Puke Rat!

Hello Dungeon Dwellers! It is again I, Animancer of Movement & Life Nyka! Here with an update and preview of our game’s second mob; the Puke Rat! The Puke Rat is a sewer dwelling mob which finds itself reanimated by the arcane energy seeping down through the earth from under the Obelisk.

Of course as our resident animator, I get the honor to animate the amazing art created by our artist, Ben Sigas, and here I’ll show off just that!

An idle Puke Rat.

This is our Puke Rat! A zombie mob that’s quite feral! Above we have it’s idle animation and on all fours; here we see it’s run!

Run, Puke Rat! Run!

One goal of ours with this mob, was to make sure that it came off as ferocious and monstrous! All of us on the team love our animal friends, and didn’t want the players killing little sweet possums or what have you! Of course, this rat is no love, ALL bite!

A Puke Rat uses the attack, Gnaw.

While any brave dungeoneer may be lucky enough to land a hit on this critter, it’ll be hard to knock this rat off it’s feet!

When you hit a Puke Rat.

& of course, what dramatic foe is complete, without a dramatic finale!?

Death of a Puke Rat.

But that is all for now! This Rat isn’t in game quiiiiiteee yet but we’ll be excited to show this mob and others off more soon!

Until next time Dungeon Dwellers o/
Animancer, Giver of Movement