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  • UI Design!

    We’re hammering away at a lot of stuff here at Knob Cat. Kel is hard at work on Prototype 4. Nyka is animating the disgusting Puke Rat.

    And Ben has been hard at work on our UI. That’s the User Interface for the combat in our game. It’s the HP and Mana meters that show at the bottom of the screen during combat.

    There will be a lot more UI stuff to do in the future as the game continues to grow. But for now, we are all super excited for how this is turning out. I just want to click the AUTO button so bad!

    Encapsulating the horrors of the Obelisk.

    Since this is one of the big elements of the UI it is really going to help direct the rest of the look for our game.

    A demo of how it will look in game.

    Other aspects of this UI are the Movement Speed knob, which lets you roll back your animation speeds so you can see what is happening in combat. There’s also a potion button that will let you heal in and out of battle. I’m super excited to have this in the prototype and be able to click that button!

    Hopefully, the next video preview will be soon!

    Executive Prime

  • Glubdate!

    This Saturday I’m taking it easy and passing on the blog duties to our resident Animancer, Nyka! Enjoy all the slimy movement! -Joe

    Hello Obelisk fans! Over in the animation department, I’ve been working hard on bringing our first mob, the Glub, to life & thought I would share the spoils of some of my work! HERE’S A GLUBDATE!

    First we have the idle! , something basic with a sense of weight. A simple baseline where other movements can extend out from!

    Idle idle…

    The Glub ofcourse, no longer simply slides across the dungeon floors, now scooting almost like some kind of slug!

    Like a slug!

    Of course, the Glub is no mild’mannered slug. They are HIGHLY dangerous infact! Any potential spelunkers best make sure they prepare for the Glub’s powerful headbutt before their own dungeon crawl!

    Bounce, baby, bounce!

    & If you can even manage to survive to land a hit, it may stagger, but this Glub will surely bounce right back! SO resilient!

    I get knocked down but I get up again.

    Of course..if you’re determined, maybe you may witness a slayed slime such as these! (Press ‘F’ to pay respects now)


    but yes! this is all for the Glubdate! Look forward next time for a preview of our next animated mob, the Puke Rat! 🐀

    Love you,
    Animancer, Creator of Movement

  • Rats!

    Ben has done it again!

    Haha, happy Saturday everyone. Today we have a small, but really cool update. It’s gross and it comes to you in the form of the Puke Rat!

    A Puke Rat.

    These tiny undead abominations have begun to swarm in the dungeons beneath the Obelisk. They’re not hard stop by themselves, but there’s just so many of them.

    The Puke Rats and Glubs seem to have joined forces to attack adventurers that dare enter the sewer dungeons. Or perhaps the slime from the Glubs has created the Puke Rats?

    A rough sketch of a Puke Rat.

    Either way, I can’t wait to see these nasty little guys animated in a future Prototype!

    Thanks for stopping by. See you next Saturday.

    Executive Prime

  • DotO: Prototype 3

    A lot of new stuff in this one! We have attacks, weapons, loot, and lots of stats. It’s still a huge work in progress, but now I think you can finally see what we’re trying to make in this one. Enjoy!

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  • Farming all the Loot

    It’s Saturday and it’s time to update the DotO Update Blog! Last week, I talked about a small delay that we had. Now we have Prototype 3 and I’ve been playing it nonstop. I feel like it’s a really good sign that I’m enjoying it so much. We only have one dungeon and the single level 1 Glub mob, but I cannot stop rerunning it to see what items I’m going to find next.

    Now that the game has (a very very rough implementation of) Loot, it really feels like a game. There’s quite a few bugs and most of the Loot doesn’t even do what it’s supposed to yet. But the feeling when I see a yellow box with the words, “Canopic Jar,” and I know I just got something that’s going to make my character (Their name is Testo, BTW…) so much more powerful.

    Testo in action. No boots needed…

    I’ve been tweaking attacks on weapons and trying to create early game builds that a player might actually run. It’s been a bit difficult, because there are no drop rates. Every item in the game can be in the chest at any point, so I keep wanting to run all legendary items, instead of the rare ones you would normally get early game.

    It’s been good fun trying to create an all Strength build on Testo. And the joy of finally opening a chest and seeing a helmet with Strength rolled on it, that’s something I can’t wait to share with everyone!

    Executive Prime