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  • DotO: Prototype 2

    Here’s my video of Prototype 2! What can I even say? I’m so happy to be playing this. Enjoy the video and let us know what you think.

    Videos and stuff like this gets showed to the members of our Discord first, so be sure to join!

  • All the Systems

    Games are very complicated, it turns out! I knew it going in, but sometimes you can know something but still not fully comprehend it till it actually happens.

    Don’t worry, we’re still making great progress. In fact, Kel is nearing completion of Prototype 3. This one is going to have the first implementation of all of the complicated systems I’ve designed.

    We’re talking loot, attacks, mobs, and even potions! It’s really a lot when you think about it. It’s the entire infrastructure of what makes this game. These, of course, are all things that lots of games have. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t complicated systems with lots of interconnected parts.

    Kel and I both underestimated how long these would take to implement so we had to do a little rescheduling and contract extensions. You know, business stuff. No big deal. But it’s easy to see why other games post release dates and then keep pushing them back. You’ll see that I’m not giving any dates until it’s time. I definitely understand how things can fall apart and announced games never get released.

    All of that to say, we’re all still plugging away at this and we should have a few fun things to show in the discord soon!

    Executive Prime

  • Podcast Episode 4

    This episode Ben, Joe, and Nyka get together to talk about logos, trademarks, stats, and animation! Come hangout with us! And you can send any questions or comments to

    To find links to our show on all of the streaming platforms, check out the Podcast Page!

  • Two Months!?

    It’s still Saturday night, and um, I didn’t forget to blog all day today…

    But yeah, It’s Saturday and we recorded our fourth podcast episode yesterday. That means it’s been over 8 weeks since we really started this whole project. (That episode should be out later tomorrow…)

    Earlier tonight I tried to stream our second DotO prototype. Something bugged out with the stream and I only got 4 minutes of it saved. I’m going to have to redo that video tomorrow.

    Three months ago I’d have never believed that we are this far along already.

    It really is a bit misleading. I know it’s going to take a long time to actually finish the game. But I think it’s okay to be happy with the progress too.

    I worry a little bit, that people won’t understand how long these things actually take and that they might get a bit antsy. I’m doing my best to keep everyone informed about our progress. I want people to be excited, but I’m also trying to present realistic expectations too.

    Anyway, I don’t have any huge updates to share today, so enjoy this character death animation gif…

    Ow, that’s gotta hurt!

    Talk to you again soon!

    Executive Prime

  • Critical Hit!

    The big news this week here at Knob Cat Games is Minor Stats! Kel has been working hard to get them in the prototype!

    Let me explain. DotO is going to have three types of stats: Major, Minor, and Non-Combat.

    Major Stats are your Constitution, Strength, Dexterity, and Karma. These are used to determine a lot of aspects of your character. You get Major Stats by leveling up and a lot of them from your equipped Loot. These we’re already in our first prototype and worked pretty good so far!

    Non-Combat stats are things like Gold Find. They’re not in the game yet, so we’ll talk more about them in the future.

    Finally, Minor Stats determine a lot of special aspects of combat. You get Minor Stats almost exclusively from your equipped Loot.

    A pretty wild Minor Stat distribution.

    Right now our prototype doesn’t have Loot, but we can assign Minor Stats for testing. There’s going to be quite a few more. But for now Minor Stats are Critical Chance, Critical Damage, Dodge, Revitalize, Block, Physical Damage Boost, and Damage Reduction.

    That’s all I have time for now. If you have any questions, be sure to join our Discord Server and we’ll keep you updated!

    Executive Prime