This Saturday I’m taking it easy and passing on the blog duties to our resident Animancer, Nyka! Enjoy all the slimy movement! -Joe

Hello Obelisk fans! Over in the animation department, I’ve been working hard on bringing our first mob, the Glub, to life & thought I would share the spoils of some of my work! HERE’S A GLUBDATE!

First we have the idle! , something basic with a sense of weight. A simple baseline where other movements can extend out from!

Idle idle…

The Glub ofcourse, no longer simply slides across the dungeon floors, now scooting almost like some kind of slug!

Like a slug!

Of course, the Glub is no mild’mannered slug. They are HIGHLY dangerous infact! Any potential spelunkers best make sure they prepare for the Glub’s powerful headbutt before their own dungeon crawl!

Bounce, baby, bounce!

& If you can even manage to survive to land a hit, it may stagger, but this Glub will surely bounce right back! SO resilient!

I get knocked down but I get up again.

Of course..if you’re determined, maybe you may witness a slayed slime such as these! (Press ‘F’ to pay respects now)


but yes! this is all for the Glubdate! Look forward next time for a preview of our next animated mob, the Puke Rat! 🐀

Love you,
Animancer, Creator of Movement