Farming all the Loot

It’s Saturday and it’s time to update the DotO Update Blog! Last week, I talked about a small delay that we had. Now we have Prototype 3 and I’ve been playing it nonstop. I feel like it’s a really good sign that I’m enjoying it so much. We only have one dungeon and the single level 1 Glub mob, but I cannot stop rerunning it to see what items I’m going to find next.

Now that the game has (a very very rough implementation of) Loot, it really feels like a game. There’s quite a few bugs and most of the Loot doesn’t even do what it’s supposed to yet. But the feeling when I see a yellow box with the words, “Canopic Jar,” and I know I just got something that’s going to make my character (Their name is Testo, BTW…) so much more powerful.

Testo in action. No boots needed…

I’ve been tweaking attacks on weapons and trying to create early game builds that a player might actually run. It’s been a bit difficult, because there are no drop rates. Every item in the game can be in the chest at any point, so I keep wanting to run all legendary items, instead of the rare ones you would normally get early game.

It’s been good fun trying to create an all Strength build on Testo. And the joy of finally opening a chest and seeing a helmet with Strength rolled on it, that’s something I can’t wait to share with everyone!

Executive Prime