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  • Rats and Stats.

    We’re coming up on the holidays really fast and pretty soon everyone is going to take a well deserved week or two off. But, before that we already have planned another small update to our Prototype.

    DotO Prototype 5 has quite a few things added to it, but there’s three main things that really have me excited.

    First, the Puke Rat is now in the game! It runs around the dungeons and it’s added a new level to the combat, because compared to the Glubs, these little guys hit HARD! We’re talking 10-20 damage here! Haha, okay okay, they’re still a trash mob and a character can easily have 2000HP if they want. But now you NEED to have some HP. In the last version, you could have 50HP and take 50 hits from Glubs. Now if you don’t strategize a bit with your stats, a Puke rat could take you out in just a few hits. (Color is coming to the Rats soon too!)

    Two Puke Rats attack Testo, who has new Uncommon gear.

    The second exciting thing is that the Mobs now drop loot. There’s still no drop rates and every item just flies out randomly, but killing enemies now gives rewards! And, wow, does my brain ever love the rewards. It’s incredibly satisfying seeing a bunch of Loot drop after you’ve battled your way through a bunch of wily, oversized rats.

    And last but not least, this Prototype gives me the ability to set the stat ranges for modifiers on every rarity of Loot. No longer are we getting items with 1% Critical Damage. No longer do Block and Dodge have the same range. And finally boots give a reasonable boost to your Movement Speed.

    There is still so much little tweaking to be done, bug fixes, and of course entire systems that still need built. Look forward to a DotO Prototype 5 video soon. And of course we’ll keep the podcast coming every two weeks as well. Next Saturday is Xmas, so I don’t know if I’ll blog or not? Until next time, hope you have a great time and stay crispy.

    Executive Prime

  • Alpha, Beta, and Whatever?

    We were recently asked when we would be in “Alpha” or “Beta”. The short answer is: it’s still too early to tell. Those terms are thrown around a lot with games and they’re really pretty arbitrary. Some games are basically done when they launch their Beta. Some games are really janky when in Beta.

    The reason we are calling our builds “Prototypes” is because we are super early in development still and these builds are honestly just tests to see if the game is fun and worth continuing. ( Good news, it’s pretty fun!) We will most likely continue building on this Prototype, as things are actually going well.

    When will the game be in Alpha? To me that is when every element is in the game but we still have work to do. Alpha is working, but lots of bugs. Right now we DON’T have a town, villagers, blacksmith, tutorial text, 90% of our mobs, and half of our character stats. Just to name a few things. As you can see, we still have a long way to go before we meet my definition of Alpha.

    When will it be in Beta? Oh god. That is going to be the most asked question, I think. The unsatisfying answer is, “when it’s ready”. It could be two years, I honestly don’t know what is going to happen. For me, Beta means we’ve finished all elements of the game and there’s nothing left to add. At that point you just need people to to see what they can break. That’s what Beta Testers do. They get in and play hard and see what doesn’t work. Then we go back in and fix it.

    What I don’t want to do is launch a broken game or open to Beta Testers too early. Some companies need to rush, and I understand that. My philosophy is to play things safer. We keep plugging away diligently and before you know it we’ll have a great game.

    The only limiting factor is the budget. Everyone at Knob Cat has been working so efficiently and I am impressed with the progress. I’ve been trying to guess what the rest of development might be like and I think we’re on track. Obviously, our priority is getting the game released as soon as we can so that we can fund future development. This game is going to be continuously evolving and growing. Hopefully, it will bring years of entertainment to a lot of people.

    I started this project because I want to play this game. That’s our driving force. I love this game and I want to play it. I want to launch and have others enjoy it so badly. I doubt anyone wants to play DotO more than me, so you can believe that I’m trying to get it out as soon as reasonably possible, while still maintaining everything that makes this game fun.

    So, too long and didn’t read? I don’t know when Alpha, Beta, or launch will be, but I want to get there as bad as you!

    Executive Prime

  • DotO: Prototype 4 (Part 2)

    It’s time for a bit of a long video. Hope you are ready for some real DotO Content! This video showcases all the updates and lots of gameplay for the current Prototype 4 build of our game. Kel really packed a lot of work into this update and things are really looking good!

    DotO: Prototype 4 (Part 2) Video

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  • The Puke Rat!

    Hello Dungeon Dwellers! It is again I, Animancer of Movement & Life Nyka! Here with an update and preview of our game’s second mob; the Puke Rat! The Puke Rat is a sewer dwelling mob which finds itself reanimated by the arcane energy seeping down through the earth from under the Obelisk.

    Of course as our resident animator, I get the honor to animate the amazing art created by our artist, Ben Sigas, and here I’ll show off just that!

    An idle Puke Rat.

    This is our Puke Rat! A zombie mob that’s quite feral! Above we have it’s idle animation and on all fours; here we see it’s run!

    Run, Puke Rat! Run!

    One goal of ours with this mob, was to make sure that it came off as ferocious and monstrous! All of us on the team love our animal friends, and didn’t want the players killing little sweet possums or what have you! Of course, this rat is no love, ALL bite!

    A Puke Rat uses the attack, Gnaw.

    While any brave dungeoneer may be lucky enough to land a hit on this critter, it’ll be hard to knock this rat off it’s feet!

    When you hit a Puke Rat.

    & of course, what dramatic foe is complete, without a dramatic finale!?

    Death of a Puke Rat.

    But that is all for now! This Rat isn’t in game quiiiiiteee yet but we’ll be excited to show this mob and others off more soon!

    Until next time Dungeon Dwellers o/
    Animancer, Giver of Movement

  • Working Hard!

    Hi everyone, I hope you all had a great holiday.

    Today’s DotO Blog Update is a bit of a non-update. We are all currently working hard, but we’re kind of in between things that I can show you.

    Last week we saw the big Turn Meter update and I’m still super hyped about it. Now, everyone is back to grinding. Ben is working on some of our first actual art for Loot. We decided to start at the uncommon rarity. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with for all of the items.

    Nyka is hard at work making the Puke Rat move. It’s a squirmy little bugger and I can’t wait to see it filling the dungeons.

    Kel is working on the rest of Prototype 4 (and hopes to be done at the end of the month!) and has so much to do. Seriously, the amount of work he is packing into this update is just crazy. There’s UI and borders, fixing bugs, adding more dungeon levels, more mobs, XP improvements, and even updates to the character creator.

    I seriously can’t wait to show you this next update. I’m also stoked to see where we go next.

    It’s still going to be a long long time before the game can go live, but I really hope you are enjoying watching our progress. If you have any questions or things you think I should post about, send them to me on Discord or email to

    Executive Prime