The Most Beautiful Sewer

It’s Saturday, so it’s time for an update blog! I don’t know, can a sewer look amazing?

Green slime oozes it’s way down channels in the first few levels under the mysterious Obelisk. Maybe it’s connected to the sewers of Topia? Glub have started pouring out of the sewers and attacking local cats! If only we had a hero to clear them out!

A delightful sewer scene.

Seriously though, Ben has really knocked it out with this background image. This of course isn’t final yet, as Nyka will be animating some elements of it and then Kel has to get it into the game.

We are happily chugging along here at Knob Cat Games. Our main task in the coming weeks is getting the character animations trigger and looking great. Kel has also set his attention on the character creator, but more on that in the future! For now, have a great weekend!

Executive Prime