Success and all that…

We’ve hit fifteen months since I officially started Knob Cat Games and a lot has happened in that time. Almost all of it has been incredible.

I always say this to the other Devs, but I’m so amazed at every little update we do. Maybe I’m easily impressed? But looking back, I feel like everything just keeps getting more and more exciting. Each step brings us closer to a finished game.

We still have a long way to go and a lot to accomplish before we can launch DotO. But, I have a lot of faith in the success of this game because of how excited I feel. Each update is more fun to play and test. Fifteen months in I could really see a possibility for the shiny, newness to wear off. But that really isn’t happening.

The crew at Knob Cat just continues to amaze me with the quality they can put out. Each new image, animation, or build update just feels so thoughtful. No one can say we aren’t putting everything we have into this game. And I really hope that shows in the small updates that we’re able to give you.

Since the start, I’ve really wanted to create an open community where players will know that the Devs care about what they’re doing. I want everyone to know that once this game goes live that they can enjoy the game without worrying that the company will leave them hanging when issues arise. There will of course be bugs, server issues, broken updates… that stuff comes with making and playing games these days. What makes the difference is how the Devs respond and how they value their players.

But yes, I continue to have faith in the team and continue to be amazed at each little update. And to me that feels like a really good thing. I’m also thankful for everyone that joined our Discord, listens to the podcast, watches the update videos, and reads these updates. Thank you all so much!

Executive Prime

A random screenshot of Testo at the blacksmith.

P.S. I’ll throw this up here in case you’d like to get a jump on it. But, im going to start looking for a backend programmer / server administrator pretty soon. You can send your application, CV, or resume to me at