Some Weapon Animations

Hello Dungeon Dwellers! Nyka here, your Animancer, Giver of Movement! So far we have given you peaks at our various mobs, but today we’ll be sharing a quick peak at some of the rare loot you can potentially find beneath The Obelisk. Let’s take a look!

Blade of End

First off we have our Blade of End, This special dagger is always giving off a smoke/like vapor from it’s blade, could it be toxic? maybe DON’T BREATH THIS!

Baying Blade

Second, we have our Baying Blade, this weapon spins so fast that it can be come hot in the wielder’s hands, careful!

Historic Globe

Third, we have the Historic Globe, and it’s a globe! But does it contain esoteric power?… Or is it just a globe?! Stick around to find out!

The forth on our list is the sword; Wolf, Gift of Slaughter, a terrifying blade ever-dripping with the blood of past foes, yet ever-thirsty still…


Last we have Shiver, a mysterious offhand weapon; glowing with an ethereal shimmer, but what does it do? Stay tuned for more details!

And there you have it! A very small peak at some of the loot you can expect to see in Dungeons of The Obelisk!

Until next time, dungeon dwellers!