Paragon and how it works

Hello and happy Saturday! I’ve kinda switched to doing these DotO Blog updates every other Saturday. It’s a lot to do the podcast editing and a blog on the same day.

Today is all about the game’s Paragon system. All the information in this post is subject to tweaking and balancing and may change before launch and in the future. But right now, this is how it works…

The Paragon Screen

There’s a Max Level that your character can hit. At launch that will be Level 10. This level determines a lot of things, like what gear you can equip and your base Movement Speed bonus.

But after you hit Max Level you don’t stop gaining Experience! You start earning towards levels of Paragon. Your character can gain Paragon infinitely, but the Experience requirement does increase exponentially.

When you gain a level of Paragon you receive a Paragon Runestone that can summon 1 of 6 runes. The summoned Rune determines how many Major Stat Points you can assign. In order from 1 to 6 the Runes are Hound, Cross, River, Soul, Torch, and Terrapin.

For a small cost you can always reassign your Paragon Points. For a cost, you can also summon all your lower Runes again. Terrapins always lock, since they’re the max summon. But you can try for more Points by summoning your other Runestones.

It’s a little hard to explain, but makes a lot of sense in the game. Summoning all Terrapin Runes is definitely going to be some bragging rights.

Right now the artwork for the runes is still just placeholder. It’s going to look so cool once Ben draws them and Nyka animates them!

I think that’s pretty much everything about Paragon for now. I hope you enjoyed this more in-depth post about some game mechanics. Feel free to ask any questions or chat in our Discord.

Executive Prime