More Mobs…

Ben and Nyka have been working for a while designing all of the mobs for Dungeons of the Obelisk. We have quite a few drawn, some animated, and only two in the actual game.

Until now! Our resident Digital Alchemist, Tj, has turned his attention to getting more mobs into the actual game. Starting with the big boy tank mob, Blub, and everybody’s sure to be favorite clever girl, Sludgesaurus.

It looks like Testo has some new enemies to fight.

Both of these mobs are considered “specialists” as they fill a certain roll on the enemy team. Blub is a tank and focuses almost entirely on having as much Health as possible. Blub can still pack a good punch, but they’re also very slow so you should have time to see it coming.

Sludgesaurus on the other hand is all about doing damage. Their “Spit” attack hits hard, but they can also “Anticipate” your movements and increase their Critical Hit Chance.

If you’re looking at the image above and wondering why Puke Rats and Blubs are still in black and white, well that’s something we had planned early on. We were going to allow the code to color the mobs with shaders to allow for different colors and recycling mobs. For example, maybe a blue Glub would show up and have different abilities.

We pretty quickly decided against this idea. Ben’s skills at coloring would go to waste and shaders just cant color as good as Ben can. So we just need to get the Puke Rat and Blub animations re-skinned with the updated colored versions. This should happen as soon as Nyka wraps up work on the current batch of mob animations.

Building a game like this is lots of small steps that keep adding up. There is always something new to do and some new challenge to overcome. Each decision can impact the future look, feel, and direction of the game.

Now that Blub and Sludgesaurus have joined up with Glub and Puke Rat, we just have the healer mob, Rot Bat, and the Dungeon Boss, who still goes unnamed…

Hope that gives you some fun info about the new mobs. I hope to share the Rot Bat details with you all soon! Talk to you next week!

Executive Prime