Just an update…

Last week I missed an update for the first time since I started doing the Saturday DotO Blog Updates. As you probably know, we are all creating DotO alongside our daily jobs and other gigs. For me the day job has been excruciatingly busy for the past week.

The other reason for missing the update is that there just wasn’t a lot going on for us for the past couple of weeks so I wasn’t sure what to write about even if I had the time.

Ben and Nyka are forging onward with the art and animation. Things are looking really good on that front. We also have a new programmer coming onboard. He has just started and I’m sure you’ll be hearing more from him soon! For me, I’ve just been busy making sure everything is ready and easy for someone jumping into current workflow. So I’ve completely reedited our design documents and have all the current game data lined out.

I’m really looking forward to doing the next big update video, but I know we’re still a ways out from that. Thanks to everyone for hanging in there with us and hopefully we’ll have some exciting stuff to show again soon!

Executive Prime