Just a regular DotO update 🙂

How’s it going? Hope you’re having a great Saturday! Today is just a quick blog to let you know what everyone is working on. We’ve made so much progress in the past month that it’s hard to keep track of everything that has changed.

Testo hitting critical damage on a Blub.

Nyka has been working on swapping out some assets from old grayscale ones to updated color ones. We were originally going to color mobs in engine, but decided that Ben is much better at coloring. So Nyka just has to catch up the animations to the new versions.

Also, sometime soon, Nyka will have updated our player character animations so that they blink! No more dead stares for Testo.

Ben has turned his attention to dungeons and is creating preliminary sketches so that we can test some new layouts and make sure everything is to scale. I’m so excited to finally be rid of the placeholder dungeon tiles! I plan on making the next update video when that gets done.

Tj has been hard at work updating a lot of menus and windows with our new assets. It’s really pulling the game together visually.

Also in programming and math, Tj and I have sorted out an issue with experience. Our old formula scaled too hard and literally broke our sheet when we projected it to our expected endgame ideas. Now the experience rate is much lower and things scale as they should with the future of the game in mind.

We also made an unexpected change to how our Paragon system works. You can now get between one and six Major Stat points to assign when you gain a level in Paragon. There’s a whole new system and a bit of math and luck to it. Next week I think I’ll do an in-depth Paragon update to explain the system.

For now, I should get back to work. Hope you all have a great day!

Executive Prime