It moves!

It’s Saturday, so time for a DotO Update Blog!

Everyone has been hard at work as usual! With our initial prototype done, it’s now time to turn our attention to the ever exciting world of Data Management! At least that’s what Kel is working on… Hey, don’t worry, it’s the backbone of the game!

In the more exciting news, Ben has finished the background for our first battlefield and Nyka has completed some idle animations. Enjoy this awesome gif…

Default Blank Character and a Glub

If you missed it, I streamed our prototype on Thursday and everyone really enjoyed the video! You can check it out on this post!

In minor news, our website now has a Privacy Policy and our Discord now has rules! See, I’m busy doing business stuff in the background! Anyway, see you next Saturday for my next DotO Update Blog!

Cheers, Joe. Executive Prime.