Doing Inventory…

Hey everyone! Happy Saturday to you. Time for a new DotO Update Blog. A lot has happened in the last week, most of it has to do with our game’s inventory system.

There’s a lot of items in this game and you’re going to get a lot of them, so you’ll naturally be spending a lot of time in your inventory. Naturally we want to make it work as good as it can. Things need to be streamlined so that you can easily tell what you have and what you can do with it.

Things are coming along well, but there is a current issue where our system can’t quite handle the massive amount of items that you can accumulate in the Dungeons. We don’t have a Blacksmith yet, but we have a preliminary way to scrap items and clean out your inventory. But, it tends to freeze up when you try to scrap too many things. Don’t worry though, Tj is setting to work to figure out some solutions to make everything run smooth in the future.

Enough about the problems though, we have so much new stuff that IS working! First off, our inventory no longer just displays item names. Now you can actually see all the items that you can get!

New inventory icons!

Another new improvement has been with the item tooltips. They’re now looking a lot better and have almost all the information you need, presented in a clear way. Below, you can see the tooltip for the legendary head, Discarded Crown. In the yellow text, you can see it’s legendary power is a lot of Gold Find, as well as it’s other 2 modifiers and some flavor text.

A Discarded Crown tooltip.

Eventually, your equipped item will also pop up so you can compare new things to see if they’re an upgrade or more trash for the crafting material pile.

Speaking of Crafting Materials, those can now stack! Instead of taking up thousands of inventory slots, you can now easily see how many you have. Once again, it’s another small thing, but another great step towards the final product!

Stacks of crafting material.

We’ve got a lot going on and the code is improving everyday now. Those are the major updates to inventory, but we are still far from the finished product. Anyway, I better get back to work. Have a great day!

Executive Prime