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  • Refreshing Turn-Based Auto Battler Releases on Steam This March 2024

    Date of Release: March 28th, 2024
    Price: Free to Play
    Developer & Publisher: Knob Cat Games
    Supported Platforms: PC
    System Requirements:

    OS*: Windows 8 and up
    Memory: 4GB RAM
    Network: Broadband Internet Connection
    Storage: 2GB available space
    *Starting January 1st, 2024, the Steam Client will only support Windows 10 and later versions.

    A mysterious Obelisk has appeared near the quiet town of Topia. What secrets lie in the depths of its dungeons? Discuss the mystery with friends in town, level up your adventurer and battle your way through the Dungeons of the Obelisk in this 2D, turn-based, dungeon crawling, loot grinding adventure game from Knob Cat Games.
    Now available on Steam.

    The Village of Topia has become a bustling hub for explorers and warriors alike, who have traveled from hither and yon to catch a glimpse of the infamous Obelisk that appeared there many moons ago. Countless brave souls have attempted to trek through the slime covered halls of the dungeons that fill this entrancing monument but not all have made it back… What is it about this magnificent structure that continues to entice and challenge even the most experienced adventurers?

    Could it be the numerous unique enemies to battle?
    The way the experience feels customizable to optimize gear farming for you?
    Perhaps it is the peculiar dungeon collectables used for crafting?
    The continuous loot upgrades?
    Or the incredible artwork found around the Realm and on the custom weapons, armor and artifacts?
    Or is it the regular updates with new challenges, loot, cosmetics and game modes?

    Whatever it may be that brings you to the Obelisk, one thing is assured, what you find inside is certain to keep you returning to its crisp stone steps time and time again. Are you brave enough to explore beyond the threshold and travel into the depths of the Dungeons of the Obelisk?

    About Knob Cat Games

    Knob Cat Games is a small independent game development studio founded by Joe Sleppy and brought to life by a talented group of artists and creators that came together and decided they needed to make the kind of game that they would love to play.

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    View Press Kit Here

    Written By: Sage of the Obelisk, Brittany Darby – Contact at

  • Coming Soon!

    That’s right! It’s been a long two and a half years of development, but we are finally able to get our Steam Coming Soon page up. Our posted release date is March 28th, 2024. But we still have a lot to do before then…

    Before the game launches we need to do some more bug hunting. That means we will soon be letting people into the Test Realm via Steam’s playtest feature. Head over to the DotO Store Page and sign up now.

    Dungeons of the Obelisk is coming soon…

    The team at Knob Cat has worked so hard for us to get to this point and I appreciate their passion for this project. I really hope everyone feels the same way once they’re able to actually play.

    Let’s keep this post short and sweet. Thank you for your interest in our game!

    Executive Prime at Knob Cat Games

  • DotO Update: December 2023

    Whoa, I really slacked off on doing these blog updates… but we’re not here to discuss that. The last real blog post was a year ago. And, wow! We have done so much in a year.

    The most asked question we get is, obviously, “When can I play DotO?”. The short answer is As Soon As Possible.

    Always squashing those Glubs…

    The longer answer is; we have been waiting to get all the basic features that are needed to fully enjoy the game. Everything that deals with the server has been a huge hassle and took way longer than we had thought! That being said, all features are finally in the game, but some still need a bit of polishing.

    We hope to open a “Test Realm” soon where we can let members of the discord in to help us hunt for those game breaking bugs. The “Test Realm” will be completely deleted before the real game goes live. That means it’s purely for testing and you won’t be able to keep your progress. It also mean items in the shop will be free to purchase so that everything can get fully tested.

    We’ll post more of the ins n’ outs and rules n’ regulations of testing once the “Test Realm” is actually live. So what’s stopping us from doing it right now? Well, legal stuff mostly. We have to meet with our lawyer in January and get all that good stuff squared away before we can make anything public.

    And for those that stuck around to read this whole post, here’s a little preview of the cosmetic reward items that bug testers will receive…

    Bug Hunter Banner and the Bug Squasher

    And with that, that’s a pretty good update, right? Hopefully, we’ll all be fighting Glubs in the sewer’s of Topia real soon.

    Executive Prime at Knob Cat Games

  • New Stream Videos

    Hey everyone! It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this blog. It’s just really hard to blog, okay!

    But I did want to share, I’ve been making some new videos every other Friday on my Twitch stream, over at or you can just check out the videos below… Hope you were looking for 6 hours of gameplay footage!

  • New Video: Episode 9

    I just recorded a new video with lots of great new visual UI improvements and exciting, grinding gameplay! Enjoy!

    Dungeons of the Obelisk: Version 9