A mysterious Obelisk has appeared near the quiet town of Topia. What secrets lie in the depths of its dungeons? Discuss the mystery with friends in town, level up your adventurer and battle your way through the Dungeons of the Obelisk in this 2D, turn based, dungeon crawling, loot grinding adventure.

Fact Sheet

Date of Release: March 28th, 2024
Price: Free to Play
Developer & Publisher: Knob Cat Games
Supported Platforms: PC
System Requirements:

OS*: Windows 8 and up
Memory: 4GB RAM
Network: Broadband Internet Connection
Storage: 2GB available space
*Starting January 1st, 2024, the Steam Client will only support Windows 10 and later versions.




Graphics Package


Will you continue to update the game?

Yes! We are starting off with 10 levels but have many more planned that we are preparing and working on alongside all new armor, weapons, artifacts, mobs and more!

Will multiplayer be available soon?

Hopefully, our team is working diligently to get dungeoneers into the dungeons with their mates.

What’s the best way to report a bug?

Reach out via email or our Discord

Can I stream game play?

Absolutely, yes!

About Knob Cat Games

Knob Cat Games is a small independent game development studio founded by Joe Sleppy and brought to life by a talented group of artists and creators that came together and decided they needed to make the kind of games that they would love to play.

Contact Us

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Executive Prime: Joe Sleppy
Art Lord: Ben Sigas
Animancer, Giver of Movement: Nyka Dear
Digital Alchemist: Tj Yadisernia
Universe Architect: Josh Otterman