• The Knob Cat Podcast Returns!

    The Knob Cat Podcast Returns!

    We’re podcasting again after a bit of a break. You can check out all the old and new episodes below, through Spotify, Apple Podcasts, RSS, or almost any other way you enjoy your podcasts. In episode 14, we have a full crew for our podcast return! Joe, Ben, and Nyka are joined by our new […]

  • Podcast Episode 4

    This episode Ben, Joe, and Nyka get together to talk about logos, trademarks, stats, and animation! Come hangout with us! And you can send any questions or comments to joe@knobcat.com To find links to our show on all of the streaming platforms, check out the Podcast Page!

  • Podcast Episode 3

    Joe and Nyka join up this episode to talk about our new sewer background, our new super simple animation process, and our new character creator! Lots of new stuff here at Knob Cat! Hope you enjoy. If you have any questions about DotO, you can send them to joe@knobcat.com Check it out on the Podcast […]

  • Podcast Episode 2

    We’ve recorded the second episode of Knob Cat Game’s Dungeons of the Obelisk Podcast! We’re now on a couple streaming services, you can check the updated list here. This episode we meet our Artist, Ben Sigas! We talk about T-Rex wings for a bit. Then we get into what we’re working on in DotO, which […]

  • Podcast Episode 1

    Podcast Episode 1

    We’ve recorded the first episode of Knob Cat Game’s Dungeons of the Obelisk Podcast! We’re not on any streaming services yet ( I swear I’m working on it! It just takes way longer than you would think! ) but you can stream it from the player embed below. So, you’re a savvy podcast listener and […]