Podcast Episode 1

We’ve recorded the first episode of Knob Cat Game’s Dungeons of the Obelisk Podcast! We’re not on any streaming services yet ( I swear I’m working on it! It just takes way longer than you would think! ) but you can stream it from the player embed below.

So, you’re a savvy podcast listener and you want to directly follow the RSS Feed? Here it is: https://justcast.herokuapp.com/shows/dungeons-of-the-obelisk/audioposts.rss

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Dungeons of the Obelisk™️

We’ve officially announced the name of our game! Dungeons of the Obelisk™️, it’s a 2D dungeon crawling, loot grinding adventure! A mysterious Obelisk has appeared outside of town and now you must fight your way through it’s dungeons to become stronger! Can you discover its secrets? We’re now hard at work making this game a reality and hope you’ll come along with us for the journey! Join our mailing list to keep updated on everything DotO!